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Technical Staffing

Technical Staffing

Recruiting right kind of people for right job is an uphill task for many organisations. It requires lot of skill as well as risk to hire the person and get outcome from him/her. In-Finite Solutions has got in depth expertise in providing best suitable personnel to various companies. Because of our inbuilt training facilities, we are now well versed with providing skilled manpower on various CAD/CAM/CAE softwares. We train the candidates as per the customer requirements which make them productive from day one at the clients end. Our key focus is mechanical industries which are using the latest CAD/CAE tools in their design processes. We offer different staffing models suitable to industries according to their needs.

Staffing Solutions:

Permanent Staffing

In-Finite Solutions provides your organization, Mechanical Engineering professionals with supporting CAD/CAE skill sets matching to your requirements and charges one time consulting charges when you recruit them.

Contract Staffing

In-Finite Solutions provides skilled personnel in the area of CAD/CAM/CAE for a fixed duration of contract period. In this case candidates are deployed at client’s place and they are on pay roll of In-Finite Solutions. Organization gets benefited as they get right kind of resources in the peak periods of project work.


In this model candidates are deployed to the clients and based on the candidates’ performance the candidate can be hired by the client, at the end of the contract period by paying IFS one time consultancy charges.

Software Skills

 AutoCAD Hypermesh
Creo (Pro/E WF) ANSA 
SolidWorks  ANSYS
Inventor  Fluent
NX CAD (Unigraphics)