Authorised ANSYS® CivilFEM® Support Distributor for India

In-Finite Solutions is Authorised CivilFEM® Educational Support Distributor for India. IFS shall be responsible for Sales, Technical Support & Training on ANSYS CivilFEM Products in India.

About CivilFEM®:

Ingeciber developed CivilFEM 18 years ago due to the passion of its civil engineer founder partners in CAE tools and FEM applications and to the broad knowledge of its senior engineer ability which led to the development of CivilFEM for addressing complex FEA in the Civil Engineering field with just one software.

CivilFEM is an advanced civil engineering software application providing unique solutions for multidiscipline structural analysis with specific features for:

  • Bridges – concrete, steel, composite, etc )
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Off-shore and maritime structures
  • Suspension and stayed bridges
  • Seismic calculations
  • Geotechnical, Foundations and Tunnels
  • Dams (concrete, loose materials)
  • Nuclear Power Plants

CivilFEM for ANSYS:

Ansys, Inc and Ingeciber, S.A. have signed an OEM Agreement and established a strategic alliance to supply this state of the art product to the construction industry.

This technology, when combined with the robust functionality of the ANSYS product line, creates a complete engineering solution that spans the CAE spectrum like no other civil engineering software combination.

CivilFEM Modules:

CivilFEM Intro for ANSYS:

CivilFEM for ANSYS is the most advanced, comprehensive and reputable finite element analysis and design software package available for civil engineering projects.

The system combines structural analysis features of ANSYS (ISO-9001) with the high-end civil engineering specific structural analysis capabilities of CivilFEM, making a unique powerful tool for a wide range of civil engineering projects.

CivilFEM Multidiscipline:

CivilFEM Multidiscipline is the new unlimited solution for every existing ANSYS customers or new customers that will need no limitation in number of nodes and elements.

CivilFEM Multidiscipline includes all the specialized modules developed on CivilFEM (INTRO, Geotechnical, Bridges and Civil Non-linearities, and Advanced Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Modules), providing users with a complete solution that will suit all their civil engineering needs. It works as an “add-on” with any unlimited ANSYS product: Professional NLT and NLS, Structural, Mechanical and Multiphysics.

NPP Multidiscipline:

The most advanced, comprehensive and reputable analysis and design software package available for Structural Analysis and Design of Nuclear Engineering Projects. CivilFEM is prepared to handle the structural engineering computational aspects of the next generation of nuclear technologies to meet your growing needs.

Bridges & Civil Nonlinearities Module:

The bridges and civil nonlinearities module provides a complete solution, enabling the bridge designers to solve complex problems with tools that represent the latest advances in technology. It enable to intuitively generate, mesh, load and analyze complex bridges by using powerful wizards. Furthermore, its complete integration with CivilFEM ensures that any kind of static, dynamic, linear and nonlinear analysis can be easily performed.

Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Module:

This module allows users to handle easily all kind of prestressed concrete structures. It supplies many tools that enable to take into account all the prestressing actions for performing advanced analysis and design procedures.

Geotechnical Module:

The CivilFEM Geotechnical utilities were created with the main purpose of becoming a powerful tool to allow civil engineers to deal with the most typical and advanced soil mechanics 2D and 3D problems with any kind of Beam, Shell and Solid elements.

Its intuitive interface allows creating complex structural models and simulating the soil-structure interaction rapidly and in detail, taking into account the nonlinear materials, geometry and contact conditions as well as the design and checking of the structural elements of the projects.
With the capabilities that ANSYS and CivilFEM provides, a wide range of projects can be performed such as: tunnels, dams, piles and micro piles, foundation slabs, geotextiles-geogrids, reinforced soils, retaining structures, etc.

CivilFEM Academic Products

Sr. No.Sr. No. PRODUCT
1CivilFEM Academic Teaching Advanced5
2CivilFEM Academic Teaching Advanced25
3CivilFEM Academic Teaching Advanced50
4CivilFEM Academic Research1
5CivilFEM Academic Research5
6CivilFEM Academic Research25

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